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The Difference Between Printable HTV and Heat Transfer Paper

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Evidently, one of the greatest misconceptions that most garment industry majorly decorative section is the use of the terminology Printable HTV. Many people interchange actual Heat Transfer Vinyl and Printable HTV. Well, here, you will know the difference shortly. Printable HTV is not compatible with a regular home desktop printer, e.g., Laser printer or inkjet printer. For Printable HTV, a printer that supports Eco-solvent or Latex inks is required for effective printing. Rather than in usual rolls or sheets, regular HTV is produced, Printable HTV comes in rolls of real vinyl with size varying between 15 inches and 60 inches in terms of width as it is designed to fit large-sized printers perfectly.

Heat Transfer Paper really is not similar in terms of touch with Heat Transfer Vinyl. Taking a cue from its name, Heat Transfer paper feels more like paper. Laser prints and Inkjets are specifically designed to make use of paper and not vinyl. Heat Transfer paper is designed and intended for smaller printers like a laser printer and is in smaller sheet size, i.e., 12 x 12 or 12 x 24 packs that are fit to size regular desktop printers. With Heat Transfer Papers, no special ink is needed; it makes use of regular ink used at home. Unlike Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, Heat Transfer Paper is an inexpensive and great way to print designs using heat transfers to get multi-colored designs without needing to outline or layer vinyl. There are no multiple layers of vinyl; hence, what makes it a single press. Also, you can achieve looks that cannot be accomplished by utilizing normal heat transfer vinyl.

Another thing to note is that even though Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl is real vinyl, it will need an additional application step when compared to regular Heat Transfer vinyl. For that reason, the top of the vinyl is printed on; Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl will not get transferred with a carrier sheet to shield the vinyl when heat transferring or heat pressing. This means a Heat Transfer Mask- a carrier sheet is applied to prepare it for heat pressing.

Heat Transfer Paper is inexpensive and cost-effective when doing larger batches. Also, depending on the size you are to use, prices vary from $1 to $2 per sheet. Due to its cost-effectiveness and affordability, Heat transfer Paper is a great option for people looking to own their own brands of transfer as a result of its entry-point and fair durability. Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, on the other hand, needs a much cost-intensive capital or initial investment. Also, Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl can be a logical addition to your company if you started with Heat Transfer Paper to grow your brand's awareness and customer base. In addition, Printable Heat Transfer vinyl feels and looks better on garments, and as compared to Heat Transfer paper, it has far better durability and lifespan. In general, Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl will give better flexibility and options to meet the custom requirements of customers.



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