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How to Use Adhesive Transfer Tape

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As the name "Adhesive transfer tape" suggest, we might think that it's the adhesive tape, but that's not the case. It is a transfer tape, which means that we can use it to transfer our design or imprints to where we want- a glass, a board, cups, and any selected material of choice. This tape is instrumental and has multiple uses because when we use it, the resulting model looks attractive and beautiful. 
In comparison, a typical design that is pasted on the wall or whatever place, without using adhesive transfer tape, looks odd and unattractive. Besides, by using this tape, we can make it attractive. Adhesive transfer tape is rolled over a cylindrical body that we use to cover on our project (design or imprint), and it is available in different sizes in inches. Now, it is crucial to know how to use adhesive transfer tape properly.
The adhesive transfer tape is so important to use on the projects if you're putting them up on the wall or doing anything with lots of little letters. To use this transfer tape, we must follow all the mentioned steps- step by step for perfect imprinting of design. 

Firstly, select the model on which the transfer tape will be applied and then place this design on the horizontal plane surface, right side up, which is polished and smooth. 

After this, we must place the roll of transfer tape gently on the whole project (design or imprint) and then by use of cutter or any sharp object cut out the design. 

The tape should be applied lightly because air bubbles in the adhesive transfer tape or any disruptions in the tape will affect imprints on the object/material and will look unattractive. So, air bubbles must not be present in the layer between design and the transfer plate. To get rid of air bubbles, use a squeezer or scriber and move it to and fro on the project (map). 

After using it on the design, use it on the edges of transfer tape also to eradicate air bubbles. Then, trim off all the unnecessary parts (i.e., extra tape not needed in the design) and give it a proper shape say, rectangular, or whatever you want. 
Now, wait for five minutes to get the proper imprints of design on the transfer tape as an adhesive (vinyl) takes some time to stick. 
Then, remove the tape from the design paper carefully, and your design is imprinted on the tape. Take this transfer tape to the place where you want that design or context and place it on it carefully again to center it in the right position. 
After doing this step, use the scriber or squeezer again to apply the transfer tape on the area you wish to appropriately and to remove all air pockets. 
Now our project is ready, and the last step is the peeling off the back layer of the transfer tape as gently as we can to transfer the design to the place that we want. 
If there is an extra bubble, you can just use your finger to press down or alternatively have a very small needle to prick a hole and then press rubbing down the area.
Above is the whole procedure of how to use adhesive transfer tape. Transfer tape is so important because you do not have to put individual letters on your material. Just put everything on a transfer tape and place all at once. Helps save time and make your work accurate and straight.



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