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How to Make Parent-child Attire with Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is also referred to as iron-on vinyl or t shirt vinyl. You can apply heat transfer vinyl to several different kinds of fabric, either using a standard iron or heat press machine. You can use HTV to make a personalized gift or attire for you and your kid. In this article, we’ll look at how you can create a customized vinyl design for the attire of your parent-child project.

The first step involves creating a design and cutting out all elements that you wish to press on the garments. The settings that will be applied to the cutter will depend on the kind of vinyl that you’re cutting out. You can alter the background in 2 different ways that is, using cutting plotter controller and right cutter’s menu. We recommend that you always do the test cut first before you cut out the layers. This helps you to get a clean cut. If the settings cut aren’t clean, but the setting is appropriate, turn the knob in a clockwise direction to adjust the blade. Continue with test cuts till you obtain the ideal cut!

You should then prepare and heat up the heat press. It would help if you always did this first to ensure that it’s ready and preheated when you’ve cut out all the T shirt vinyl. Since we’ll be using glitter vinyl, the press should be heated up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, high-medium pressure, and then press for about 10 seconds. One can either peel it cold, warm, or hot. If you need to do many layers on the attire and not press the elements at once, only press bottom layers for 1 to 2 seconds to affix them down. Then press the last segment for 10 seconds to bond everything fully to the attire.

Because you’re working with the child’s attire, switch the heat press’ bottom platen from full size to smaller size. Once the heat press is ready to start working, start applying layers on the first attire. Pre-press the garment fist for about 5 seconds to remove any wrinkles on it. After pre-pressing the garment, place the 1st layer on the clothing and press it for about 2 seconds to affix it then remove the apparent transfer paper. Since the 1st layer is now in place, please take the next layers, put them in position, and repeat the entire process.

The size and center of design may vary based on what you’re working on and your preference. However, there are some standard placement and sizing guidelines that you may follow. For instance, for children-sized shirts, you will only need 5.5 to 9 inches and for you the parent 11-14 inches will do just fine. Although the size of the design may change based on what you are making. However, if the bodysuit you are making is for a smaller kid and babies, a smaller model like 5 inches would be better.

Making customized attire for you and your kids can be fun when you go out. Ensuring that the designs are correctly aligned and having the right sizing will make a significant difference to the end product.



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