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How to Make Custom Vinyl Decals for Cars

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With the development of economy, cars become more and more universal. Except for pursuit of colors and appearance, more and more people have their own needs. Especially for those who are a car enthusiast, they are willing to spend lots of time and money decorating their car, enhancing the performance of the ride, and making some custom vinyl decals to make their car personal.

Not only can you make decals for car onlookers, but also you can use it to decorate your car window. Heat transfer vinyl can help you transfer a image, a set of letters to your car window or panel. Vinyl car decals are adhesive and can lasts a longer time than sticker paper. Also, you can swap out the decals once you no longer like the style.

Making a car decal is quite simple. You can learn how to make custom car decals from this article. First of all, you need to below tools:

l  A design that you want to make

l  A roll of transfer tape or transfer paper

l  Pencil

l  Heat transfer vinyl sheets

l  Squeegee

l  Cutting mat

l  Tweezers or a weeding hook

l  Cutter machine like Cricut, is preferable.

How to Apply Decals to Car

If you have a cutter, you can down load images from internet or from the software.

You can start with following instructions with a cutter.

1. Find a design that you want to apply from internet or your machine’s software.

2. Save the image to your computer and start a new project with your sequencer.

3. Put a sheet of heat transfer vinyl on the cutting mat.

4. Input the cutting mat to the cutter machine.

5. Print out your decal and weed the excess vinyl with the tweezers or weeding hook.

6. Clean the surface of where you want to put the decal on.

7. Apply transfer tape to the vinyl decal.

Peel off the back film of the transfer tape so that you can release the decal from the heat transfer vinyl. Make sure it sticks to the vinyl at any angle with a squeegee.

vinyl decal car

8.    Apply the design to the car surface that you have cleaned. Avoid touching the back of the sticker once you’ve removed the paper backing from the vinyl sheet.  Release bubbles with a scraper and peel off the transfer tape.

How to Remove Decals from You Car

1. Use soapy water to clean the decal and the surrounding part.

2. Use a hairdryer to warm up the decal as we know heat can help release the stickiness, which make you remove more easily.

3. If the decal is not stuck to the window, it is suggested using glue removal products to avoid scratch the paint of your car. And wait for about 1 minute then remove it with soapy water.

4. If the decal is on car window, scrap with a razor blade or your bank card under the design to remove it.

5. Once you have peel the vinyl decal off, clean the surface once more.



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