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How to Make Wood Signs with Heat Transfer Vinyl

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People like to make some wood signs with words to call one’s attention or warn others around their yards. During Halloween, people like making some wood signs with scary pictures. And people will make wood signs with snow and reindeers on Christmas as decoration. No matter what the purpose of wood signs are, wood signs are commonly used nowadays.

As for how to make wood signs, some people like using watercolors or paint to draw pictures on wood to make signs. If you are good at drawing, this is a great way to make wood signs. While if you are not a painter or drawer, you can transfer designs by using heat transfer vinyl, then apply vinyl to wood to make signs. In fact, with the popularity of heat transfer vinyl, some crafters prefer using heat transfer vinyl to make wood signs. I would like to share how to make wood signs with heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

Before you have a start, some suppliers you should prepare:

l  Plain Wood

l  Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet (if you want it shiny, you can use glitter HTV)

l  Tweezers or any Weeding Tool

l  Teflon Sheet

l  Vinyl Cutter Machine (I use Cricut Explore Air as example)

l  Household Iron or Heat Press.

l  Transfer Tape (optional, it is suggested to use clear transfer tape with grid lines)

To get started, I suggest that you draw some type of stain or paint down on the wood before applying heat transfer vinyl. Sometimes, draw wood works, but smooth wood is better. And if you can get smooth wood, you can omit this step. Put some paint can help remove the uneven patches and the little splinters of the wood, which can help smooth on the surface and make the heat transfer vinyl adhere better.

Now the main steps are below.

1.    Find a SVG file from internet or your vinyl machine’s software that you want to put on your sign. Then transfer your file to your machine. Don’t forget to turn on mirror option before cutting. Fix the heat transfer vinyl on the cutting mat, then load heat transfer vinyl into your vinyl cutter with the backing side up. Then the machine starts to work.

2.    Remove the excess vinyl form the design you cut. For small letters and little parts, use the tweezers to weed, which can help a lot and avoid tearing.

3.    Put the HTV vinyl on wood, make sure the surface is smooth, and cover the Teflon sheet when ironing. Follow the instructions of your heat transfer vinyl to iron it. I use temperature of 320 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds on medium pressure. (If the woods are separated, you should use transfer tape to transfer it. Peel the transfer tape to transfer the letters to the tape. )

4.    Wait for 15 seconds to cool. Then peel off the film from the vinyl.

wood signs with heat transfer vinyl

Most people prefer tend not to use clear transfer tape. For those who want to apply letters to signs, I add the step to apply vinyl to transfer tape.



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