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A Heat Transfer Vinyl Craft Activity for Parents and Kids

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Christmas is around the corner, we held a craft activity for parents and kids at an art training school on Dec 8th. We want to create a chance to create love, express love and convey love between parents and kids by sending manual craft gifts to each other.
This craft activity is mainly to use heat transfer vinyl to make T shirts, canvas bags and Christmas caps. Parents design and make T shirts for kids, while kids design and make canvas bags and Christmas caps. The heat transfer vinyl used for transferring designs are the brand of “HTVRONT”. And the T shirts, canvas bags and Christmas caps, craft tools like scissors, iron, heat press Teflon sheet, and weeder are provided by HTVRONT. 

The aim of this craft activity is to make kids to join craft activity, use their hands to create craft work, apply their knowledge and imagination to express their love of life in their work, and give their work to show their love to their parents. This is a good chance to inspire kids’ art creativity and improve hands-on abilities, and it is a special memories during their growth. 
The activity started in the afternoon on Dec 8th. The students from Sun Art Training School and their parents were gather together in the classroom. 
Firstly, one of our staffs demonstrated how to use heat transfer vinyl to make craft project and some finished craft projects by slides. Some kids asked some questions about how to use HTV, and our staffs answered patiently. Then, our staffs distributed heat transfer vinyl paper to parents and kids.
After that, parents and kids started to create designs with heat transfer vinyl. Kids drew pictures of Peppa Pig, bee, eggplant, carrot, stars, hearts, sun, tree and so on on heat transfer vinyl paper, while parents drew some plants, flowers, and animals on vinyl paper. When pictures were done, they trimmed the pictures carefully and slowly. Parents and kids were very conscientious and attentive, and they communicate with each other to ask how their pictures were. They were happily absorbed in art world.

how to use HTVhow to use heat transfer vinyl

Last, our staffs helped to iron the designs on T shirts, canvas bag and Christmas caps, while parents and kids quietly watching the process. 
After the projects are finished, our staff took photos for each parent and child with their projects. They are so happy that they can make their own T shirts, canvas bags and Christmas caps by their hands. 

This is the first operation between Sun Art Training School and Sijiu E-commerce Ltd.. The brand of “HTVRONT” is dedicated to making premium heat transfer vinyl products, making your life more colorful and creative. 



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